[Montreal] IMADAKE IZAKAYA | Japanese pub x Good food


A new, modern Japanese spot. Now I like that. Imadake is a Japanese izakaya or japanese pub where you can share appetizer size dishes while having a drink. I found it was the perfect place to meet up with some friends after work and  was surprised that even on a Wednesday, I was asked if I had a reservation since the place was pretty full.look

I didn’t have an RSVP but they were nice enough to find us a spot. Located on Ste-Catherine street, West of Atwater, you might actually go right by it if you’re not paying attention. From the outside, it doesn’t look like much plus the name is only in the window. But once you step inside it’s a different story and as soon as you open the door you can feel the atmosphere of the place. As you walk in, you can immediately see their large wooden counters and as you continue walking,  you’ll notice their rustic dark wooden tables. The bar at the back and the open kitchen concept really make it all come together.

After ordering our drinks, a liter of Sapporo each (yes I did say a litre and for my American friends, that’s a quarter of a gallon), we started looking over the menu. We ordered asparagus and bacon, Yakitori, grilled calamari , shrimp tempura and a couple of other dishes. When it comes to Japanese food, I’m not that adventurous but they had a lot of selections on the menu that looked very good.




As we were enjoying our food and drinks we could hear some screams coming from different area of the room that sounded like “Sake Bomb”. We had heard right, when the waiters bring you a sake bomb, they have their ritual: Every time they say “sake” you have to say ”bomb” until you get the go ahead to hit the table. Most of the time things run smoothly but we were able to witness our neighbor doing a Sake Bomb #fail and spilling the drink all over the place. This is a really cool spot to get together and spend an evening with friends. People are really laid back and the staff is super friendly.

If you plan to try it out make sure to have a reservation as it seems to be quite busy.


Imadake | 4006 St-Catherine W, Westmount, QC, H3Z 1P2 | 514-931-8833| Menu available online | Website

By: Sebastien Robillard | Nightlife & Events collaborator/writer at versass.com | Photograph | Email: fashionbpm@gmail.com | Follow him on Twitter @fashionbpm | Email: sebastien@versass.com

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