I don’t know about you, but I often find it problematic to find new places to go to in Montreal. As much as I have my regular hanging out spots, I do like to try new places. The other day, I was downtown meeting up with a friend for a quick bite and drinks and was wondering where to go. I then remembered that many people told me I should pay a visit to the Dominion Square Tavern.


Since the weather was not so nice, we skipped the terrasse and opted to go inside. My first impression was positive, the place was built in the late 20′s it was well reflected in the decor. The place is not ran down and they just kept the original cachet of the place by keeping the old aged mirrors behind the bars and the back bar counters (anyways I’m pretty sure they are originals). Although it was a weekday the place was pretty full so we had to take a seat at the bar . The bar also looked of the era with silver platters to hold the bottles on the bar stacking Absinthe, Gin and Pimm’s, a liqueur I had never heard of.


After looking over the menu and placing in our order I looked at the drink menu. If there is one thing that I like when I visit a new venue it has to be constistency. And there it was:  Although they offer a full bar, the featured drinks were all old school originals. When was the last time you saw a Tom Collin’s or Mint Julep featured on a drink menu? I chose the Mint Julep’s and it came served in a tin cup filled above the rim with crushed ice. Even the glass looked like it was straight out of an antique shop! I guess the only thing that brought me back to reality was the music playing in the background as it was defenitely not from the 1920′s. As for the food I ordered gravlax and fried clams. Unfortunately, I was a little disapointed with the clams: too much batter and not enough clams. But the service was great so in general, I really enjoyed my first experience there. If you have a little imagination and want to go back in time, you should try this spot. I know I will be going back.

food-food-foodDominion Square Tavern | 1243 Metcalfe, Montreal, QC H3B 2V5 | (514) 564-5056

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