[Key West] GARBO’S GRILL: The best food I had in the “Conch Republic”


So I just came back from Key West and it was freakin’ awesome! Although we had excellent food throughout our trip, I absolutely have to talk about how we randomly found Garbo’s, this food truck where I had the yummiest, mouth watering food of all our vacation.After our Sebago catamaran snorkelling adventure (gosh, I sound like such a tourist), my boyfriend and I were 1) Thirsty 2) Hungry and 3) Tipsy. As we walked to the car, we stopped at a cigar shop, which was perfect! Not because I smoke cigars (I think it LOOKS nice but tastes disgusting), but because I finally found that electric hookah cigarette-like thingy for my sister. Long story short, we ended up asking the dude at the cigar shop where we could eat and he advised us to go to Garby’s, the food truck across the store.


How come I didn’t notice it? Or even follow the delicious smell of the grilled seafood? Perhaps it was the beer… I don’t know. I ended up taking forever to choose my meal. There were not too many choices but each and every single thing on the menu looked amazing. Quality over quantity!


I ended up taking the yum yum shrimp tacos since I am lactose intolerant and the quesedillas were so full of cheese. Yes, I had to wait over 10 minutes in the hot sun for my food but if you think about how fresh and delicious the tacos were is, it was worth the wait.  Their mango habenaro ginger glazed shrimp was perfectly marinated; the Carribean sauce on the taco was tasty and the chopped cilantro was the best final touch they could have thought of. And finally, the tacos were soft which is a major plus for me since I have braces. As I waited for my meal, I saw what other people ordered and everything looked great. Their mango dog looked really good  (applewood bacon wrapped 1/4 national deli hot dog, mango, sautéed onion, jalapeno and, special Carribean sauce), I will have to try that one next time.

 Mango dog pictured below, photo credit from Garbo’s Facebook page.


My mouth is watering as I am writing this! If you are in Key West, you definitely have to try this inexpensive spot. It is very sad that I only discovered this place on my last day or else, I would have tried every single thing on their menu by the time I left the Conch Republic.

Garbo’s Grill | 603 Greene St., Key West, FL, 33040 (near the Historic Key West Sea Port) | See a full description of their menu on their website | Like them on Facebook!

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