LE H4C in St-Henri: Foie gras dumplings, oysters and more


I find it really cool that more and more areas of the city that were not considered hot spots in the past are really changing. A lot of those Montreal neighborhoods used to not be chosen to open nice restaurants or trendy bars which is a reason why people were always going to the same places. But times are changing and it’s refreshin! One of those neighborhood that used to be neglected in the past was St-Henri but thanks to a few people who had the guts to take a risk, this are is now getting populated by excellent venues for food and nightlife. I had the pleasure to discover one of the new restaurant that opened just about a month ago: Le H4C Place St-Henri is right in the middle of it all, right next door to metro St-Henri.


The building itself is beautiful as it is located in an old post office. Although the outside demonstrates a certain era and architecture but the inside is outstandingly modern. Pure lines and colors with the open kitchen concept behind the bar as well as a mix of glass and old exposed rock walls give the ambiance of a cozy, relaxed atmosphere. It is not out of luck that it looks this way but more as a result of having 2 architects and a chef as founders.

Now lets get to best part: The menu. The menu will change very frequently as Chef Dany Bolduc selects fresh products (preferably local) to create his dishes. During my visit, I had to admit that making a choice was kind of hard, but after a few glance I was finally able to decided. I opted to start with foie gras dumplings as an appetizer which were served with mushrooms in a very tasty broth. While discussing and having wine, which they have by the glass or the bottle, we also ordered a dozen of raspberry point oysters. Then my main course arrived: Grilled calamari and shrimp served with vegetables again in a delicious sauce. Afterwards, we decided to skip desert but finished with cheese and more wine.

main oysters

All together my experience was wonderful due to the taste and flavor of every dish I had. I have to give them a thumbs up on their sauces that marry extremely well with every plate. Le H4C definitely now as a spot on my ”Places I go” list and I just can wait to experience my next flavorful meal.

By: Sebastien Robillard | Collaborator/writer at versass.com | Photograph |  Email: sebastien@versass.com | Follow him on Twitter @fashionbpm

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